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Booking Surf and Kitesurf School


Booking for Surf and Kitesurf School

This package is perfect for people who want lessons without accommodations. If you are staying in any one of the Agadir hotels...

    15% off for groups of 7+ people.

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    From €25

    Surf and Kitesurf School

    We have a school located in Agadir for your convenience. The shores of Agadir Beach are legendary for having all types of waves suitable for beginners, intermediates, and pros. Don’t worry about your skill level, by the end of our lessons, you will be surfing will the top dogs.
    We take pride in bringing you only the best equipment and instructors available. Our world class lesson plan will make sure you learn the fundamentals, as well as tips and tricks to shred any type of wave you want. By using effective communication skills combined with practical hands on experience, your adventure will be incredible.
    We know that your vacation time is valuable. This is why we can be flexible around your schedule and free time. We recommend you schedule your lessons first thing in the morning. Surfing around the sunrise can be a very powerful and invigorating experience. However, if you want afternoon or evening classes, we can arrange that also.

    Surf School
    • Group courses 4 – 6 people per instructor.
    • Private courses one student per instructor.

    Surf lessons prices :

    Hours Courses Days Prices
    2hrs group 1day 25€ 275 MDhs
    6hrs group 2/3days 70€ 770 MDhs
    12hrs group 4/6days 130€ 1430 MDhs
    2hrs private 1day 45€ 495 MDhs
    6hrs private 2/3days 130€ 1430 MDhs
    12hrs private 4/6days 240€  2640 MDhs
    • Free pick up / drop off in Agadir hotels.
    • Surf lessons (Number of hours ) + Instructor + Surf equipment ( wetsuit , board , leash).

    Rental :

    Tools Prices
    Surfboard + wetsuit + leash 15€ 165 MDhs all day
    Surfboard + leash 10€ 110 MDhs all day

    Kitesurf school
    • Group courses 4 people per instructor.
    • Private courses one student per instructor.

    Kitesurf lessons price :

    Hours Courses Days Prices
    2hrs group 1day 60€ 660 MDhs
    6hrs group 2/3days 160€ 1760 MDhs
    12hrs group 4/6days 300€ 3300 MDhs
    2hrs private 1day 110€ 1210 MDhs
    6hrs private 2/3days 300€ 3300 MDhs
    12hrs private 4/6days 550€ 6050 MDhs
    • Free pick up / drop off in Agadir hotels.
    • Kitesurf lessons (Number of hours ) + Instructor + kitesurf equipment ( Kites , bar , wetsuit , board , harness , helmet , lifejacket ) .

    Rental :

    Tools Prices
    1-4hrs all kite gear 60€ 660 MDhs
    1 Day all kite gear 80€ 880 MDhs